The Planning Division strives to enhance and maintain the City's physical environment through the effective use of the General Plan and Zoning Code, and the Property Maintenance Ordinance, which provides a solid foundation for an excellent quality of life for the residents of Rosemead. The Division is also responsible for providing services that promote the community's short and long term development interests in maintaining Rosemead's expectation of high standards of development in residential, commercial, and industrial areas, along with providing staff assistance to the City Council and Planning Commission.

The General Plan was amended on April 13, 2010. Click here to download the most recent version of the General Plan. You may also click here to download the most recent zoning map, which was amended on February 27, 2018.

The Housing Element was adopted on November 12, 2013. Click here to download the 2014-2021 Housing Element.

To download the Garvey Avenue Master Plan please click here. You may also click here to download the Downtown Rosemead Design Guidelines.

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The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a California law that requires development projects to submit documentation of their potential environmental impact. The Planning Division administers the environmental review process for all land-use projects within the City. All projects and proposals are reviewed to ensure that the health and safety of the public are protected and that all project related impacts are appropriately mitigated. The following are environmental documents in circulation for public comment:

Design Review 16-04

The City of Rosemead (“Lead Agency”) has prepared this Mitigated Negative Declaration for the purpose of identifying and evaluating the potential impacts that could occur with proposed Design Review 16-04 (DR 16-04) for the construction of a mixed-use project. The project is located on approximately 0.874 acres and includes 35 residential units, 7,520 square feet of retail/restaurant use, and 116 parking spaces, including compact and handicap spaces, in a four-story building with one level of subterranean parking. The project proposes that 20% of the apartments will be low-income that allows a thirty-five percent (35%) density bonus. The project site is developed with a used car lot and two single-family residences. The project will require the demolition of the existing structures and site improvements to allow the construction of the proposed four-story, mixed-use development.

The project site totals approximately 38,070 square feet (0.874 acres) and is located in the City of Rosemead, Los Angeles County, California. The project site consists of two parcels (APN 5288-004-041,057) and is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Garvey Avenue and Earle Avenue. The project site is designated in the General Plan as Mixed-use: Residential/Commercial (30 du/ac) and the zoning is C-3D and RC-MUDO (Medium Commercial with Residential/Commercial Mixed-use Design Overlays). The existing land use and zoning designations allow the uses proposed for the site. The General Plan land use designations adjacent to the site include Mixed-use: Residential/Commercial (30 du/ac) to the north, west, east and south. The zoning is C-3-MUDO-D (Medium Commercial with Residential/Commercial Mixed-use and Design Overlays) to the north, west, east, and south.

It is the intent of this environmental document to identify the potential environmental impacts that can be expected to occur with the development of the proposed project, including the demolition of the existing buildings and site improvements, and provide feasible mitigation measures, when required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), to reduce impacts to less than significant levels. Approval of the site plan is required by the City.

Click HERE to view the Mitigated Negative Declaration.

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