Chief of Police

Chief of Police Chris

Lieutenant Chris Kusayanagi has been appointed as Rosemead's Chief of Police to serve as the City's main point of contact with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. In this role, Lieutenant Kusayanagi will be an integral part of the City's Public Safety Department, where he will direct operations of law enforcement officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and work closely with City staff to ensure the highest quality of life for the community.

The appointment of Lieutenant Kusayanagi as Rosemead's new Chief of Police upholds the Rosemead model of unity of command, which has led to a stronger partnership between the community and law enforcement, and has proved to be an effective means in combating criminal activity.

About Lieutenant Chris Kusayanagi

Lieutenant Kusayanagi was born and raised in Covina, California. He attended San Diego State University for a few years before transferring to Cal Poly Pomona where he continued to work on a Marketing degree. He joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at the end of his junior year at Cal Poly Pomona.

Lieutenant Kusayanagi has been with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for over 22 years. He has worked at a variety of patrol stations and assignments, including the Emergency Operations Bureau, Criminal Intelligence Bureau and Hall of Justice (Sheriff’s Department Headquarters). He was also the Sergeant in Charge of the Counterterrorism Team and the Program Manager for a seven county grant funded training program that addressed Homeland Security issues such as terrorism, human trafficking, and officer safety.

In Lieutenant Kusayanagi’s spare time he enjoys working out, reading, fishing, and spending time with his family.