Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program
Posted on 09/09/2019

Date: September 9, 2019
Contact Person: Mandy Wong
Title: Public Safety Supervisor
Phone Number: (626) 569-2168


The City of Rosemead Neighborhood Watch program has a proven success to lower crimes in your community. With your help, the Public Safety Division will continue to make Rosemead a safer place to live. If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group on your street, please contact Public Safety Supervisor Mandy Wong at (626) 569-2168 or

At the Neighborhood Watch Meetings, Rosemead Chief of Police, Lieutenant Kusayanagi and the Rosemead Special Assignment Deputies will visit the homes to educate residents on personal, home, and vehicle safety, as well as ways to continue the reduction in Part 1 crimes in our City. In addition, neighbors have the opportunity to meet and share their experiences to gain knowledge on how NOT to become a victim.

Let’s all do our part and help enhance the quality of life for all residents! Neighborhood Watch is one proven way to deter criminals from coming into your neighborhood. In addition, we’ve got a brand-new sign for your neighborhood. The old Neighborhood Watch signs will be replaced with ones treated with an anti-graffiti coating. The new sign serves as a reminder that Rosemead residents care about their community.